Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Sunday

We went up to my favorite place in San Diego-Mount Helix- last Sunday.
The above pic pretty much describes how I feel about it- YAY!

I love this aerial view- reminds me of flying over it in my Grampa's plane when I was a kid.
{I got this from the Park website- all the other snaps on this post are my own}

I made a little friend- he almost crawled right into my purse!

Trying to direct my man for a photograph.. I think I was in the middle of the 'why don't you just..' gesture.

I got a little too close to the edge.. I wasn't scared though! (Quite uncharacteristic for me actually.)

I love this shot.. Except for the cigarette. This actually says a lot about man and nature, I think.

I didn't REALLY pick one. Just pretending. ;)


Thanks for stopping by! I always love it when someone nice makes their presence known. =)