Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby

{photo via rummey bears}

My bestest friend's sister is in labor with her second son right now, and I'm so excited! My own sister just recently gave birth to my beautiful nephew- her second, and I can't wait for the plp* to become an auntie again too. It's just so fun sharing this- living vicariously through our sisters together!
*Platonic Life Partner- my spin on BFF

In honor of our sisters, I thought I'd share one of my favorite birth stories with you! Usually birth is the LAST thing I would want to think about- much less blog about! However, Anna's calm spirit and beautiful way with words call for an exception. (And isn't her little bebe so precious?)

She posted it on her {awesome} blog, Rummey Bears.

What do you think? Is the prospect of giving life more appealing to you too now? It is to me. Just a little. ;)

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