Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well hello there, world.

I have been mulling over what to use for my very first post for a while now. I guess I've been thinking this first post will set the tone for the rest of my blog. Trouble is, I've had a hard time making up my mind. There are, after all, so many fabulous things to share! And I don't think I know just yet what I want the tone of this blog to be (other than happy, of course!)

In the event you are wondering why my blog is called Bethany Susan, you can stop holding your breath now, and I'll tell you.

Simple enough, I couldn't pick a name that would encompass all that flows through my sphere of experience, so I decided to use my own..kind of. My first name is Bethany, but Susan isn't part of my legal name. {My middle name is actually Michelle.}

My Mom is the third-born of four sisters. Aunt Susan was the oldest. I'm the oldest of eight, so we shared that alpha-female mentality. She had sweet little nicknames for us kids, and mine was always Bethy-Sue. Of course I hated this cutesy name growing up, but eventually embraced it. After a favorite cousin started calling me Bethany Susan, that name grew on me too.

Heartbreakingly, Aunt Susan passed away a few years ago. After she passed, I started talking about changing my middle name to Susan in her honor. I haven't done it yet, but I will add it eventually. When I think of my full name in my head it's always 'Bethany Susan Michelle.'

So there it is. Auntie Susan, you're still in our hearts, and I intend to enjoy as many things about this life as possible, as I know you are enjoying wherever you are now. And I will share them with others! Which is the whole point of a blog. Right?


  1. Hey, Good luck with your blog! I'm kind of addicted to blogging at this point. Hope you have fun!

  2. thanks, Aron! yeah, i can see it becoming a fun addiction..


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