Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cole Haan: Inspired Spring

I wandered onto Cole Haan's site
and I couldn't leave!

This summer I'm not allowed to travel because of work...
I'm thinking these fabulous Gladiators could ease my pain a bit!


The Inspired Life is a nifty little section.
Harley Viera-Newton's pics are my fave.
This one {above} makes me want to just grab a blazer
and get out into the spring!
And she inspires me to keep hiking! {I want gams like hers.}

Oh, and love, love love this outfit.

*note: had to take some of the links down, as they didn't work anymore. sorry! 


  1. Oh I love those shoes! Very chic!


  2. Am seriously coveting those sandles...
    It's such a shame that we're heading towards Winter in Australia

  3. Checks and Spots: That's ok, you can live vicariously through our summery blogs :) Embrace the fall though! I'm already starting to miss my layers up here in the Northern Hem..


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