Thursday, April 29, 2010

{A Completely Self-Indulgent} Thankful Thursday

oday I'm thankful that I've been on such a fun hair journey for the past fourteen years.

I have learned SO much more from doing my own hair than I did at hair school. (Ok so I learned a bit at school, I'm thankful for that too- I better be, I'm still paying for it! :P)

I'm thankful that I can go any color I choose, experiment with as wild or tame a style as I please, and I always still look like 'me.' I can change it anytime- no waiting for an appointment or saving up. If I don't like something, there's nobody to blame but me, and I know how to change it back or tweak it to get it how I want. It's so empowering being able to do your own hair, and I wouldn't trade all of my oops's for anything.

Here's but a glimpse of my hair journey- these pics range from four years ago to last year. (As you can see, the asymmetric bang remains my fave.)

During my beloved Cyndi Lauper Phase
{pardon the crappy phone pic- this was before iphones!}

Fun grungy punk hawk

My Elfin look

Fire-Engine and Watermelon, oh my!

I liked strawberry blondish/light copper. Might go back soon ;)

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