Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holy Crepe!

{Babbo Grande Strawberry Nutella Crepe~ image via}

Last night for dinner Shawn and I went to our new favorite restaurant to get some crepe action. (The name means 'Big Daddy' in Italian- gotta love it.) We've been going to this place pretty much every week like clockwork for the past six months since that fateful morning another breakfast spot was too packed and we decided to venture round the corner. I swear to you, this place gets better every time we go. If you live in SD try it out! The staff is awesome, no matter how picky we are, and the crepes- WOW.

{Babbo Grande Lumberjack Crepe~ image via}

My man loves the Lumberjack crepe.. Scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, (no sausage, double bacon.) Extra extra Mornay and Hollandaise, please. MMM-mmm.
{Note: yes, I know Mornay is supposed to be more cheesy than theirs is. Trust me though: get the Hollandaise too and they make a perfect pair.}

Another fave of his is the Strawberry Nutella crepe. How can you go wrong with a nutty chocolatey spread, I ask you?

Or how about nice sweet ripe strawberries wrapped in light fluffy crepe goodness and then drizzled with raspberry sauce- the two berry flavors just POP off each other!

{Strawberry Crepe~ image via}

Now imagine the best pesto sauce you've ever tasted (I've never had pesto with mushrooms in it!) smothering a crepe stuffed with tender chicken breast...

{Chicken Pesto Crepe~ image via}

Are you hungry yet?
I am. I'm going to go heat up some Chicken Pesto crepe leftovers. :)


  1. i wish the recipe was on here they look great

  2. Chelsey, I wish I had the recipe too! I have yet to attempt to make crepes on my own though, I'm too spoiled with Babbo so close!


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