Thursday, April 15, 2010

{The First} Thankful Thursday

{Who said playgrounds are just for kids?}

Gratitude is something I constantly want to demonstrate more in my life. It just feels good to look for things to be happy about. And there is definite power in writing something down. In that spirit, I've decided to dub every Thursday 'Thankful Thursday' and make a point of looking for and expressing appreciation for all there is to be grateful for in my life throughout that day. And I'm going to share it with you, starting today!
P.S. I know Thankful Thursday is a cheesy name. That's ok, I love cheese, in many forms :P

Today I'm Thankful...

{One of my mom's adorable teacups}

For my morning cup of tea.
I can't believe it took me twenty years to come around to the pleasures of teatime.

For my ability to analyze my own work performance, so my superiors seldom have to.
Even though it can feel like a burden to come home after a long day and rehash everything in my mind, rehashing it helps me to release it and set my intentions for a better next time.

{on top of our rock on Helix}

For my messy, forgetful, dorky, awesome, genius, sexy, loving man.
'Nuff said.

That even when I have an 'early' morning at work I can sleep in til ten if I really want to.
It will be even nicer when I can set my own hours :D

For my health.
And my ability and desire to improve it.


For all the people who inspire me to enjoy the process of life, to enjoy the moment, to look for things to be happy about.
You guys are awesome :)


  1. It's so nice to stop and do this sometimes. Writing it down can make it mean so much, too. xx

    PS. Your little niece and nephew are gorgeous. I'm so happy for you and your family he's home and doing well.

  2. Thank you! (They are already spoiled rotten by all their aunts and uncles of course!)


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