Friday, May 28, 2010

I Still Love the Way You Feel

"You see, my grandfather died in January and until then I didn’t want to get married. But I spent a week with my grandmother, just the two of us alone, right after he passed. And we had a conversation in the car about how, even after he was paralyzed (long story to go with this), and even after they couldn’t “do it” any more, he still sometimes would ask her to take her night gown off and lay next to him. Because he still loved the way she felt. It was this conversation that made me want to get married. Because I knew at that moment, I want to be 89, unable to do it, and still have TJ next to me."

eading this made me melt! I want this kind of love. Oh wait~ I have it! I'm so blessed. I hope you out there have someone who makes you melt too.

ere's the original post, and the post where I found it. (Definitely go have a look if you have the time- the teacup story is super sweet.)

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