Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunset Cliffs

One of my favorite people,
at the dusk of one of my favorite days ever.

We went to Sunset cliffs at Ocean Beach and ate mushrooms.
We just wandered around, laid out..
played in the surf, connected to nature..

I didn't know this couple,
but they were super romantic and cute.

I love the oldish, grainy quality of some of these photos.

This one was actually taken from the plane
on the way home from Idaho, but I had to include it too

We were so content! {And boy was my hair short!}
I miss this girl~ haven't seen her since she moved to LA shortly after this day, in Feb. '09.

She was one of those people
I just naturally became kindred spirits with.

{I love that this video is 11 seconds long- I have a BIG thing with the number 11.}

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