Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Beauty Found

This Thankful Thursday I'm Thankful for the Beauty I find...

Just walking through my neighborhood.

I love it when I haven't passed by in awhile...

And I find new things planted and growing!

Three-fer: Thankful for our Mothers' Day High Tea we had this year (quite the event! more on that later),
my oh-so-awesome brother (brother number 3 out of 5- he's the one with the fabulous hat), and my oh-so-neato man.

Thankful for finding hearts in unexpected places...

Vibrant, green, summery bushes...

Sister moments... (we were sniffing the crayons like cigars)

And if I have to work, and I have to work in the city, at least I get glimpses of pretty sunsets!

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  1. Such a beautiful post and a great reminder to stop and notice the small things.
    What an amazing sunset you spotted...I think the only thing better than a sunset is a sunrise and the dawn of a fresh new day


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