Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wine-Oh! Part 2

That's right, more pictures from our fabulous visit to the ever fabulous-er Churon Inn and Winery!

I love the above image.. Her outfit seems so 70s to me- that's one of the things I love about my PLP, her hippy-yet-funky vibe.

PLP said if a crow looks you in the eye, it's good luck. This one was flirting with her..

Don't you just want to have a picnic or grab a book and just plop down??
(We did, in the sun, with our wine. It was rad.)


Love vineyards.

I could get used to this!

Something was funny apparently..

Love, sweet love..

During the grand running, jumping on, and rolling off of the bed times.
{If your screen is wide enough you can see PLP in the background, completing a stunning maneuver, and my love is about to go for his own glory.. } ;)

My man actually snapped this and the next one. Good job, Babe!

It's hilarious to me how hard it is for PLP and I to get good pics together when we're lookin cute.
Everything was a blur at that point anyway.. we were stoked on something, that's for sure!

We were all feelin the love that day. (Why Babe has his sunglasses on at night, idk)

After we left, PLP got ENGAGED! Perfect end to a perfect birthday for her, I'd say!!
{SOO ecstatic for you guys!}

*PLP = Platonic Life Partner (Like BFF)

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