Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm a sucker for silhouette shots...

We went up to Temecula (about an hour North of SD) to wine taste for my PLP's birthday a couple weekends ago. They stayed at this gorgeous inn, and we arrived mid-afternoon to spend a glorious day/evening together. The weather was absolutely breathtaking!
We went to two wineries, then back to the inn for a third tasting, then out for a fabulous dinner {and yep, more wine!}
At one point there was a wedding reception going on in the hall below and the kids were all dancing up at us and we were on the balcony just dancing back at them {well, PLP was dancing her heart out- I was drunk and just kinda moving- but having just as much fun!}
SO adorable!
We also took turns jumping, diving and rolling off the bed.
I LOVE being a big kid.

Also a sucker for gardens. Love gardens.

Gardens with paths and flagstones earn extra points.

The boys claimed we were in Tiger Country.. and they were ready for it.
{Tho they look like they're about to play the drums moreso than readying for tiger fighting..}

Hills, gardens, fountains, vineyards.. Heaven!

I just wanted to take off my shoes and wade in that fountain like a kid..

{I'm not really that short. She had on platforms.}

Imagine having these views from your bedroom balcony..

The breezes smelled good too..

Aww, cute couple.

*PLP = Platonic Life Partner

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