Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Photos

My niece Skyla loooves getting motorcycle rides. Especially from Grandpa!
{Auntie Bethany got her that adorable dress btw}

{Thought I'd share some {more} family photos from our last visit to Idaho, since looking through them makes me endlessly
happy and grateful to not only have a big fabulous family full of love, but to be healthy and able-bodied, the lot of us.}

Aww, Brother Nick (Brother #2 of 5) and I having a brotherly-sisterly moment atop the hill at dusk. {yes yes I know it's blurry}
{Nick is a very patient teacher, whether it be fishin, trackin, or tennis!}

I love this pic of Brother Jeff (Brother #3) at Nate's, our favorite pizza place, after he let me give him a really awesome bratty haircut.
{ match his awesome bratty personality. Reminds me of someone.. Oh yes! Me!}

Remember my preemie nephew Levi? I got to meet him, and he's the sweetest!

Sisters on the dock. {me (Sister #1,) Rachelle (Sister #2,) Andrea (Sister #3)}

I love that Brad (Brother #1) loves taking photos as much as I do.

Rachelle has so many expressions.
{It's ironic that she communicates so well with the camera and yet hates to be photographed}

I like this pic not because I look particularly good, but because it reminds me of being up there, at Lake Coeur D'Alene, whole and peaceful.

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