Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday: The Basics

I'm Thankful:

- I have a steady job, and a steady income. Even if the former makes me want to explode most of the time, it's still better than not being able to pay my bills.

- My man also has a steady job/income. Even if it makes us both want to explode, it's not forever, soon he'll be working for himself.

- Even when we're 'hurtin' and don't have any savings, we can still eat whatever we want. We can still have a bottle of wine, or go out for dinner. Or both. ;)

- Everything I've ever truly set my intentions for has manifested.

- I have a roof over my head, a space that is all our own (even if we can't turn around without ramming into one another.)

- I have a best friend. I can't imagine not having her. She's been in my life for over half of it now and I hope will remain to see the rest of the show.

- I'm finally establishing exercise as a habit. Something I need in order to feel right about my day, like brushing my teeth. Feels good!

- I have easy access to all kinds of educational opportunities. And a vague direction. And I'm going to go see a counselor soon and start on a new adventure!

- Our perfect next home will show up at just the right time, and moving will be a joy.

What are YOU Thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for your Thankful Thursdays. It's so great to see someone take time to appreciate the little things in their life.
    And I'm endlessly thankful for my son who drives me batty sometimes, but without whom I'd be lost.


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