Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Date Days and Nights

{Pardon someone's thumb, it didn't look right cropped}

'm Thankful for Date Days and Nights.
{Also thankful for Laugh Lines, and the people in my life who have caused mine}

Last Sunday Date Day we went to 94th Aero Squadron {I know, isn't that a funny name?} for a late, leisurely brunch.
It's a cute replica of a WWI French Farmhouse, and they have tons of war relics throughout the place.
{Don't even get me started on the amazing buffet~ there was a chocolate fountain for strawberry dipping!}

{Man and nature, Yup}

I love the music they have wafting through, and the garden is so sweet and relaxing, with little nooks to tuck into
as well as space to sprawl out.
{The netting on the right in the below shot is the home of the ducks. Fat happy ducks with a pretty fountain flowing into their pond! Awesome.}

After brunch we sat in the sun and relaxed and watched the planes taking off and landing.
I was too lazy to take any more than the three photos I did, which scarcely do the place justice.
{They have much prettier photos on their
site, if you'd like to have a look.}

We drove around and looked at more planes from various points around the airport
{can you tell we both like planes and flying~ just a little?}

After all that eating and relaxing, we needed a break {hey, don't judge!} so we went home and chilled out a bit.
Later we walked down to our local wine bar for some treats on the patio.

This was my first time actually having wine and cheese, and I'm a fan. That green sage cheese? YUM.

Typical Us. Which I love. <3

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