Friday, July 30, 2010

Dirty Water? Awesome!

I don't know about you, but I definitely take my access to clean drinking water for granted.

900 million people around our world don't have that option.

UNICEF helps save the lives of many children with their Tap Project,
and they just launched their brilliant Dirty Water Campaign to raise money and awareness.

How cool and creative are these folks?! And I had never heard of them til today. {thanks to Checks and Spots!}
Watch their campaign video here, and donate too if you'd like!
{It's super easy. You can go to their site, or better yet text TAP to 864233 (UNICEF) and add your donation to your phone bill!}

What are you waiting for? Watchy watchy ;)

{all images except the last one are from here}


  1. what an incredible cause - there are so many creative & inspiring people out there! xo

  2. Such a creative attention getting way to bring light to this issue. I too take my water for granted.

  3. This is such an innovative way to get that message across. Thanks for sharing.


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