Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother's Day High Tea: Part 1

My two sisters and I spent a ton of time planning and prepping a fabulous High Tea
for us and Mom for Mother's Day when I was up in Idaho visiting in May.

Part of our prep list Sister #3 (the one with the video of awesome coolness) made

Sister #2 (she's the one with the super cute kiddos) makes these amazing biscuits.
Ham, chives, and cheese I think. SOOOOOO good! (and little hearts! Aww)

I just love a country tea, don't you?

Poor Brother #5. He had the kitchen chores. Therefore was yelled at and ordered about a lot. He did great though! Thanks, Bug.

I love that this pic should be so elegant but the cupcakes look so homemade. :)

Cute teacup stack, check. Chocolate, check. Flowers, check.

My genius idea. They go superbly with tea!

I adore my Mom's fancy softboiled egg setup!

Looks like a lot of food for four ladies, huh? (Don't worry, we had help!)

Cute little sugars from my local teashop.

VOILA! Turned out Beautiful. (Now I'm hungry.}


  1. AWWW! This actually made me tear up a bit! I miss my mom.. and she would have LOVED this! We have a tradition.. twice a year my mom and all my sisters go to a fancy tea party.. and I haven't been home for it for almost 2 years! I will have to do something like this for next year.. or her birthday! Lovely post.. Mom's are great!!

  2. This is ADORABLE! I especially love the tea cup stand! So cute!


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