Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Sisters II

Remember the fun photo shoots my sisters and I did for Mothers Day?
Well, I haven't posted nearly enough of them,
and we took a bunch for Fathers Day too (haven't given any to Dad yet, sorry Dad!)
and they were making me laugh this morning, so I had to share more with you!
The outtakes are truly my favorites.

Thankful for: ~sisters ~laughter ~motorcycles ~having wonderful parents to take pics for
~the beautiful scenery right outside their house ~wonderful brothers to photograph us

Love you girls.

{note: These were taken with a regular old digi. That's why they aren't super clear and perfect.
Sigh. Some day I'll own a 'real' camera, but for now I'll use the heck outta this one!}


  1. I gave Dad a good one for Father's Day, Mom stole it and now it's hanging in the living room :P

  2. You know, I think it was just that stupid shirt that made me seem so gigantic. It was not at all flattering. My face and hair didn't look so bad though.


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