Monday, July 26, 2010

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday you guys!

What I'm looking forward to this week:

~ Working 24 hours out of the next 48 (It WILL go smoothly*.)
*It did.

~ Fixing up the last tattoo that's been bugging me (Now I'll be proud of all of my art!*)
*I am so blessed. My tattoo artist amazes me every time!

~ Getting caught up on my housework* (yippee)
*Work, work, work makes for a disgusting house until the following Wednesday.

~ Hiking Cowles Mountain (maybe twice!)

~ Having girlie movie night with my PLP (dinner, wine and P.S. I Love You*? Yes Please!)
*Watched The Holiday instead. Cried.

~ My honey finishing our new front deck* (finally!)
*A week later, I'm still trying to patiently wait.

~ Getting a workout routine going again (feels like I've been constantly at work or sick lately)

~ Perusing Temecula wineries for our upcoming getaway (our first in seven years together!)

~ Possibly having zero plans for the weekend (except work of course*)
*Yippee. Now I get to work ALLL weekend. So much for a lazy Sunday. Oh well, next week. Right?

ow about you? What does this week have in store?

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  1. Sounds like such a great week! I hope everything works out perfectly.

  2. that's an awesome photo! =D
    busy busy busy weeks for me, too.
    yours sounds like there will be lots of fun bits and pieces in there!

  3. i love that photo! hello to a fellow San Diegan :)


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