Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 101

ince one of my favorite things about blogging is my Thankful Thursday posts, I saw this and had to join in the fun. Want to play?

Just name Ten Things You Like. The original rules are to tag ten other bloggers as well, but I like that Anna opened it to everyone.. because, why not? :)

Happy 101: Ten Things I Like

1. That amazing feeling in your house after you've let it get almost unliveably filthy but then scoured it and organized it and freshened it top to bottom, and all you want to do is be in your space and breathe in the freshness. (A feeling I plan on sinking into at the end of this Wednesday.)

2. Having things to look forward to. (I'm a very future-oriented person. I'm flighty in the present and hold on to few memories of the past.)

3. How impactful drinking water is on our health, the fact that I'm aware of this and use it to my advantage, and the fact that I have safe water readily available to me at any time. (I guess that's a three-in-one!)

4. How much fun you start having with coworkers (and appreciation for them) when you know your days together are numbered.

5. Watching my man follow his passions. (He's building his own airplane, for one!)

6. The many seriously creative people out there. ( Ashley Meaders is one of them. I'm in love with this swing!)

7. The fact that not only does good red wine not give you a hangover (I'm talkin quality & moderation here!), it can actually be good for you!

8. Directing the path of my life through gratitude and intentions. {This book and then this book have been life changers for me!}

9. Food. {I know, who doesn't like food?!} Especially how delicious this lady makes everything look!

10. Weddings. Especially simple, rustic, DIY weddings. Like this one.

11. This incorporates two things I especially like: Breaking the Rules, and the number 11. :P

Have Fun Darlings!


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