Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mothers Day High Tea: Part II

Hooray! More of our Fabulous Mothers Day High Tea :)
{Here's Part I, In case you missed it ;) }

Rachelle {sister #2} gave Mom her hat. Fabulous!

We sent Mom out for a minute to get the final surprises set up.
Keeping five brothers, a brother in law, a dad, and a boyfriend all out of the house was proving a more difficult challenge than usual!
{and let's not forget the niece and nephew}

One or another kept popping in, further delaying the festivities.
It was kinda frustrating, but funny in retrospect.
{I mentioned in the first post we had worked all day on this and were ready to DIG IN!}
Everything had to be just so..

Our {surprise} individual sister portraits {and soft-boiled eggs ready to go! mmm}

Final Product! Complete with surprise 'We Heart You' Pic
{It's one of my faves, I can't resist showing you}

We did have 'Mother's Day', but some accidents and munching led to casualties.

Andrea {sister #3}, you're such a ham. {ahem}

Mom of course loved the painting Andrea surprised her with.
{I have my own uh-maz-ing AMG original painting too, I got it for Christmas. I'll show it too ya sometime}


Andrea had the genius idea of putting together a quick little album of some faves and outtakes from our photoshoots to give Mom a preview.
{Holy cow, was it really 4:30? Tea was supposed to be closer to 2! No wonder we were hungry!}

Togetherness! {Note to self, dress up more next time. At least get a hat.}

{I won't tell you yet what is so special about this picture. Soon!}

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