Friday, August 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday: South Coast

I know it's Friday, but I'm SOOOOO Thankful
I just couldn't skip my Thankful Thursday post this week due to a minor detail like the day!

For the past two days/nights, we've been staying in our own villa at this beautiful Winery/Resort..

Sleeping in that big comfy bed.. (you should see the bathroom-I mean palace!)

Swimming in that pool.. (salt water, nice)

Going to their in-house restaurant three times because it's THAT good.. {the herbed butter.. I could die!}

Among many other delights.. Alas, now it's back to work, but I am so rejuv'ed I don't even mind!

I'm SOOOO Thankful for my first ever Romantic Getaway. It was everything I hoped for and more, and I am SO blessed!

Thank you Honey, you made it perfect and I love you! To many more..

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