Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a Week

hew! It's been a whirlwind week, and the weeks to come will be more of the same go-relax-go again pace, but I am loving it!

This last week, in a nutshell, I:

-stressed out (repeatedly)
-calmed down and let things happen (also repeatedly)
-parted ways with my favorite boss (only for a month while he trains someone at another location, thank goodness!)
-pulled three 12 hour shifts (those kill me!)
-found our new favorite getaway spot
-drank wine
-drank more wine
-ate beautiful food..a lot
-ate three perfections of dessert.. two nights in a row
-reconnected with my honey
-took leisurely strolls and dips in a fabulous pool
-had an amazing time
-spent all the money we had (for the first time in years! and it was fun)
-had several AHA! moments (more on those later)
-took my brother (#2) up to mt helix and ate burgers on 'our rock'
-went to a bar alone (another first in years)
-got tipsy (I was craving some pints after all that wine!) and instead of becoming more sociable
went to my car and perused blogs and wedding sites (I am a nerd)

And now, on five hours of sleep (hey, that's four too few in my book!) I'm off to
-clean the house
-do some yoga
-take an hour drive to see my sister (#2), brother (#1), niece, & nephew
who are all down from Idaho

(plus a whole slew of fabulous relatives I haven't seen in months or years!)
for a nice BBQ.

(Brother #2 is down too, he and my man got up at 3 this morning to go fishing. What dedication!)

(I thought I'd post some nice summery images.
The first is via summer goals, the second, a bonfire at my parents' house in North Idaho. Three weeks til we're there!)

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