Friday, September 24, 2010

Mother's Day High Tea: Part III (The Part Where I Get Engaged to the Love of My Life)


Check out Parts I and II first if you like.

So it was finally time for our Fabulous High Tea. {or so we thought..}

ait a minute, what is this?? No boys allowed, we said!
We let Dad sit there, it was weird that he was 'presiding over our tea'
but we figured he wasn't going to bug us.
Nick (Brother #2) got shooed out a moment later.

Shawn came in and said "I'm sorry to interrupt your tea."
{Eyes were rolled- what NOW??}
Then he got down on one knee.
It took a second for it to sink in.
(Rachelle's jaw dropped!!}
And then, pandemonium.
Mom was shrieking
All the boys had flooded back in while Shawn knelt down
Everyone was exclaiming
I just kept saying 'oh my gosh' and 'you're so sweet' 
{Brad {brother #1} captured it, these are live action shots, sorry for the blurriness!}

We were all in shock. Well, all of us girls were.
Dad had been asked ahead of time, and the rest of the boys were let in the loop just before the Tea-
that's why we couldn't seem to get rid of them!
I forgot to even answer.
Dad called in from the living room, "Is that a yes?"
and I said "Oh! Yes! Of course! Duh!"
Then I told him to put the ring on me, and I was confused as to which hand it goes on-
I had always thought you put your engagement ring on the right hand until you got married.
Nobody told me til later it was supposed to be the left, which I find hilarious.
{I have never dreamed of getting married, so never bothered to investigate these kinds of traditions}

Rachelle {sister #2} was so surprised. Her reaction was awesome.

Mom cried.

NOW we can have tea. For Reals.

Jeff {brother #3} and Shawn look so dainty with their hats and their pinkies up. Haw.
That's my brother-in-law Will with Levi in the background.

I love that Nick {brother #2} has his dainty pinky up too, even with his greasy hands from working on vehicles :)

The Aftermath. Actually, even this was gone in another fifteen minutes. We were starved after all that action!!

After tea we decided it was time to go for a ride.

And that, my friends, was my Mother's-Day-High-Tea-turned-Engagement-Party.

aka Best Surprise of My Life!

That's why the last pic in Part II was so significant. Last photo taken of me without a ring on that finger! ;)


  1. So no one knew? What a crazy and exciting surprise.

  2. not sure how i found your blog, I stumbled across it somehow and i'm so glad I did. This post was awesome. First congrats and second great story telling. I'm a total foodie and i love tea parties and this one wins the prize for most fun. i love the pics of your brothers.

  3. Thanks MamaShark!

    Nope, no one knew except Dad (he told the boys a few minutes before)!

    And thanks Damaris, that was really sweet :)


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