Friday, September 10, 2010

Seriously Joyful Wedding & My Bridal Style Twin

I had trouble picking only a few images from this awesome wedding to show you here.
I will probably post more, as it's the most fun, genuinely joyful wedding I've seen in awhile!
{Just look, you can feel the happiness oozing out at you!}

Can we talk about Surya's perfect ensemble please??
I am SO leaning towards a shorter dress. LOVE the bold necklace, and I was already going to wear a fabulous flower.
She is like my bridal style twin!

And these bridesmaid dresses? To die for. Best ones ever. So much personality!

Jonas Peterson ain't messin around. He knows how to capture the event from all sides, inside out.

Don't you wish you were there??

Here, go look at the rest of the goodness! Jonas Peterson

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  1. I LOVE her hair, I wish mine were thick enough to wear like that. I like how they built those mason jars into the board and put the candles in them, very romantic/intimate/sweet... I don't especially like the colors they used, but it does look like it was a lovely event.


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