Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi folks. I'm sick for the third day in a row. That means all I want today are the following:

hicken N Dumplings


My Grandma's Quilt {the one I sleep with every night}


Pride & Prejudice (the BBC movie. Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are the quintessential Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth! Sigh.)


My Couch


Hot Water with Lemon and Honey


and my Mommy

But what I will be doing is going to work for 9.5 hours and training a newbie getting insulted, argued with, put through the wringer (all by the higher-ups), and deciding to look for a new job (again).

{My boss has something super special going on today, there's NO WAY I could call in and ruin it for him!} (Congrats boss for getting engaged to your awesome girlfriend!)

What do you crave when you're sick? And how do you push through when you just have to function?

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