Thursday, September 23, 2010

Side Tattoo Musings

My tattoo artist has been drawing up a gorgeous* sidepiece for me for the last couple months.
I've been too busy to go see it, and I had to reschedule my appointment yesterday because of work.
{Also because I wanted my man to get his bootsy** tattoo covered first, that tattoo being another story}

At first when I thought of getting side tattoos, I wanted them about the size of my outspread hand,
nestled in the crooks of my sides, like the one above. {Love that!}

Then I found my inspiration image, and I had to stretch it- it just wouldn't fit into that small a space.
At that point in my mind it was going to be about as big as the girl on the left has in the above photo.

Of COURSE, Mr. Arteest thinks I should stretch it allll the way down my thigh even.
I'm thinking we will end up with something closer to the image above. Large and in charge? Yes.
Much more than I planned on? Yes. Seriously amazing art I'll have forever? Yes Please.

* How do I know it's gorge without even seeing it? Well, my half-sleeve,

{which I have yet to take pics of to show you guys}
for starters. As well as various other pieces he's done on me.
But, if you want to see what he does, some pics here.

** Bootsy is a word we are determined to not see die. His tattoo isn't OF Bootsy, it's just bootsy.

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