Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Blessings In Disguise

today i'm thankful

that i have to take my car to get it washed and checked out,
because that means i have a car that runs and money to wash it
because the nice person who hit it a few months ago left a note

that i am totally rethinking my relationship,
because that means i'm too smart to be attached to anyone just for the sake of attachment

that i'm going to apply for a new job today,
because i'm healthy and able to work to support myself
because i believe in myself enough to know i deserve better than what i have now
because there are people out there who will appreciate and reward me for all i am
because most people who are successful had a bunch of so-so jobs first- i'm not alone

that there's someone home taking over the whole house for my only days off,
because now instead of being lazy, i must keep moving
because now instead of feeling sorry for myself, i must keep crossing things off my lists

that i've been so miserable,
because it's pushing me to try for a better life

that i'm feeling so lonely,
because that tells me i've experienced connection
because i have people in my life to be lonely for

that i feel like i'm the only one who will get anything done around here,
because i might as well accept the truth
because i might as well stop lamenting and just do it

what convincing disguises are your blessings showing up in today?

{i may add more later}..{sorry, i just didn't feel like capitalizing today}

i'm also thankful:

for heart to heart talks
for watching beautiful lightening storms passing through {we saw a bolt that looked like a knot being tied!}
for lonely thundery rainy afternoons
for nights in
for second chances


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