Friday, October 22, 2010

Au coin de ma rue a favorite haunt for style inspiration.

A lot of times I think I was not meant to be a California Girl. 'Daisy Dukes, Bikini On Top?' Yawn.
I can't wait to go to Amsterdam, Sweden, oh, just everywhere in Europe!

Corien (The Netherlands) has such a sass to her! Love it! (and her name.. sounds like an ethereal queen!)

Mathilde (Denmark) has a mysterious gaze and I love her hat! (and her name)

Emiel (The Netherlands) rocks simple style.

Kim (The Netherlands) is killin me with those shoes (with the thigh-highs..perf). Love 'em.

Susan (Germany) is so adorable and perky- she owns her extreme haircut.  
{remind me to show you some of my extreme haircuts sometime! oh yes, these were pretty mild.}

Au coin de ma rue means something to the effect of 'at the corner of my house' ~ isn't that cute?

I love her musings on why we have to stop and look at some people on the street and not even glance at others.. for instance:

"They all have an ‘intangible something’ that reflects into their expression. It’s like their body and face embrace entirely their personality."
{That is why I get tattoos! Each piece of art or special image makes my body feel more like 'me.' Love it.}

I'm going to be imagining these fun people while I'm locked down at work for the next five days, wearing a brown shirt, jeans and dirty Vans.

And dreaming of the day I can travel, take pictures, write, eat, shop, and make music, and worry about nothing else in life. :)

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