Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Three Reasons

Three Reasons I have to be Happy Right Now:

1. My love and I have come a very long way together. When we first hooked up (eight years ago already!!) I was (barely) living at my parents' (back then they still lived in San Diego) and he was (barely) living with his. We both lived to party and racked up tons of debt. Now we have a home to call our own (renting is fine for now, it's still 'our' space!) and are working on ourselves to be balanced between responsible and carefree. We talk about our mutual and individual goals almost daily, and hold each other accountable for taking steps to achieve them. Life may not be a party now, but it feels good. Like we're learning to go with the flow but also to steer our lives.

2. I don't know which direction is right for me when it comes to work right now. Over the past months I have alternated between being absolutely sure one way and then absolutely sure of the opposite. Now I am in limbo, having placed myself here, and for once I am not panicking about it! It's just plain OK to not know. It's OK to not be moving in a specific direction for right now. And I'm happy to have found this place of ok-ness. My job is not my life. It is only a tool to enhance my life.

3. Our main financial concern is where to invest our extra money every month. I'm not saying this to brag (lord knows we still live in a tiny studio and share one car!), more to notice and appreciate the fact that we are not struggling to make ends meet anymore. We are only struggling to decide which dreams to make come true first. It's a big difference.. One to be celebrated! Also it feels great to have let go of the pressure to 'save.' We decided that for right now, it's better to move our lives forward (pilots' license, second vehicle, machine shop, building the airplane, traveling) than it is to have a pile of cash sitting in Uncle Sam's bank.

{P.S. I'm also Thankful that it's Fall, aren't you? (And everyone else in the blogosphere, lol)}

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  1. number one is so sweet
    and number three is so awesome.
    what a great feeling!


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