Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello, Wednesday.

The sky outside of my bed window ain't Idaho, but it still speaks to me! 
Nothing like a dark house, curling up in Grandma's quilts, and watching thunderstorms pass through! :)

Hello, Wednesday. Hello, Friends.

Things I should do today
1. Budget/Bills
2. Laundry
3. Clean the House/Attack the pile of dishes
4. Run errands
5. Water my plants
6. Work out (have been too busy/tired/sick for the past week. ew)
7. Make overdue phone calls

Things I want to do today
1. Cuddle with my honey
2. Watch movies
3. Make tasty goodies
4. Get over my second cold of the season
5. Read
6. Enjoy the fall sun

Things I will probably do today
1. Get tattooed (hey, I've had this appointment for a month. I'm not going to let this evil cold force me to cancel!)

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