Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Andrea

Today is a special Thankful Thursday.

Not only does it fall on Thanksgiving, it's my dear sister Andrea's birthday! Happy Birthday Sis!

I'm thankful for Andrea (sister #3). There are lots of reasons to love her. I'll let you in on a few:

she always tries to find common ground, no matter our differing beliefs
she plays music beautifully (I love hearing the piano, violin or cello wafting through the house!)
she's wise for being so young 
she mothers everyone, taking care of little things that help the household run
she paints gorgeous paintings (she's just creatively talented in general!)
she's fabulous with our niece and nephew
she gets more beautiful with every year passing
she loves God and communes in her own personal way, and allows others to do it their way
she makes all kinds of deliciousness happen in the kitchen for the family
she takes care of Grandma without complaint, even the icky chores no one else wants
she's a natural at making fun movies (case in point)
she's a daydreamer rooted in realism, like me
she challenges herself consistently with her running routine
she loves family more than anything and shows it
she has such a contented, soothing energy

Yes, today I'm definitely most thankful for all of the fabulous people in my life. {yes, even in the midst of all the glorious food and wine!}

Happy Day of Thanks, Friends!

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