Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Want to, Need to, Have to

Things I Do So Desire To Do Today:

Watch Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel {we always called it Anne of Avonlea} 
{I like this old trailer. Movies have come a long way as far as production goes, 
but this story has more heart and soul than all the new movies 
I've seen in the past few years combined.}
 See my PLP
 Spend the afternoon hours of 2-4pm doing something for pure pleasure {I did yoga. Ahh}
{I'm almost always working at this time of day}
See the new Harry Potter
Spend time with friends and my love
Get my brother a belated birthday present
Eat decadent delicious things
Organize my closet
Get out Christmas decorations {Shawn got them out from storage for me}
Make truffles or tres leches cake
Perhaps cook for Honey tonight  {I did! Homemade Manicotti Deliciousness!}
{I can't remember the last time I did! Horrible wifey am I!}
Get frames and hang some art
{can't believe I have some Severus prints from back when photography was mostly just an outlet for her!}
Play my piano {I worked out most of the left hand for my new song!}

Things I Must Get Done First:

Drink tea
Sort laundry
Do dishes
Clean up the house
Spend three hours at the Laundromat
Do the budget, pay the bills
Go to the bank, Post Office, Grocery stores

Things I Have Already Done Today:

Paid for the engine for Shawn's van we got on ebay of all places  
{one step closer to him driving again! 
SO happy~ the van has been sitting in front of our house for six months 
and it feels trashy, like we should have a six foot overgrown lawn to match}
Taken a bite out of an Espresso Truffle Cake from Whole Foods {pictured}
{yes I ate the chocolate covered espresso bean off the top first}
Read some lovely blog posts {and then a few more}
Been cheered up by my honey 
{I am not a morning person and he has to get up early, 
therefore he wakes me up every day 
with his stomping, banging and smoothie blending}
Written this blog post/to-do list


  1. How about you send one of those chocolate espresso cakes up here. I need the soothing power of chocolate :(

  2. Aww, what's wrong? Is this blizzard getting to ya?


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