Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Champagne Brunch on a Blustery Day

Honey took me for a breakfast date last Sunday.
(Well, if you call 2pm breakfast time, like we did! ;)

We went to the ever-fantastic 94th Aero Squadron. (Our favorite Sunday Brunch spot)
Of course every single thing they make is Grade A Delicious, but the little eclairs
(I know they don't look like 'em, but trust me. They're eclairs) captured my heart most of all.
I had to go back for seconds and thirds! PERFECT texture, I tell you.

It was lovely, sitting in a nice cozy place with a fire, eating eclairs and ham 
(and salad and potatoes and eggs and fruit oh my!) for breakfast, watching the airplanes taking off
and the rainstorm take over the outside world.

I wore my 'Grinch Tights,' but my mood couldn't have been more merry!

P.s. Yes, yes I did totally misspell champagne in my title at first. I must have been in a rush. How embarrassing!


  1. Those eclairs look delicious!!! I'm glad you enjoyed them, and hey - what's wrong with a late breakfast?
    <3 Kiersten


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