Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Merry Weekend

Happy Sunday after Christmas! There has been a lot going on in my little world this weekend, as in yours I'm sure!
Some of our holiday happenings:

Thursday there was a long work day, and an early bedtime.
{Let's get that part out of the way right off.}

Friday there was morning grocery shopping.
The afternoon brought pedicures, and a first manicure in many years
complete with bright holiday reds, all in the company of my plp.
Then there was wine and delicious chicken tortilla soup with family
in the cutest, cheeriest of decorated homes, opening of presents by the fire,
a board game only the girls liked, laughter, and a fierce canoe race.
The night ended just right with second helpings of ice cream sundaes.

Saturday there was lazing around all morning at home,
Holding each other on the couch tapping toes to the Christmas music that played.
Followed by sausage stuffed mushrooms, prepared together,
and then primping~ a satiny ivory number for me, a jacket and tie for him.
Then there was merrymaking with friends, wine, whiskey.
And of course the mushrooms, which joined some others, these stuffed with spinach, as part of a tasty snack buffet.
After that there was a lovely low-lit dinner in a surprisingly unpretentious restaurant.
Asparagus cooked, and tomato broiled, and steak seared, all to perfection.
There was also rich wine, cuddling and caressing, and even richer dessert~
creme brulee and cheesecake, to be exact.

Today there has been loving. Pecan tart tea with See's English Toffee for breakfast.
Cleaning the house together. Preparing rosemary maple popcorn for later.
There has also been a pot roast sandwich while watching the game,
and my favorite pizza, wolfed down in minutes.
Soon there will be yoga practiced during halftime, followed by more time in the kitchen:
gourmet mac n cheese, and homemade graham crumble for a special dessert later.
Then there will be a whirlwind of food, family, and more wine.
And falling into bed with a happy sigh.

How has your Christmas weekend been, friends?

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