Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Oreo??} Truffles!

My sister Andrea made these fabulous truffles for us when she was in California this November.
I was immediately addicted. I don't usually like Oreos, but this combo, with the cream cheese and melted chocolate, is a winner!
I made a double batch a couple weekends later! (And ate more than my fair share! With no shame! Yum!!!)

They are SOOOO easy to make. And so pretty and impressive. I want them again now. {my waistline says I should up my workouts first! ha}

Heads up: the 'dough' is much easier to roll if you pop it in the freezer for awhile first. 
Speaking of, these little babies set up fabulously overnight in the freezer~ the fridge didn't work so well for us.

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