Friday, December 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday: See The Light

Yesterday was a rough day, kids, I'm not gonna lie. You know that part in Anne of Green Gables when she's in the Depths of Despair? Yeah. All day. Then I dragged myself out and got a psychic reading done last night and of course, I'm the one propelling myself down there into the depths, and also the only one who can pull myself out. Was I surprised? Yes and no. At least my thoughts are a little more organized and I have a better perspective of my 'right now big picture.'

So anywho. It's tomorrow, it's fresh with no mistakes in it yet, and let's do this Thankful Thing!

1. Pizza and tea for breakfast. Yeah, you heard me. And while we're on the subject,
2. My new favorite topping combination. Are you ready for this? Pineapple, feta, and seasoned roasted tomatoes. Perfection!
3. I have Sunday off this week. Truly my favorite day to have off! Plus,
4. There's no football game this Sunday! {You know what that means, honey! ;) Quality time!}
5. I have some new kindred spirits in my life- in person and in the blog world.
6. I have a fantastic person to go see when I need perspective now, just a few doors down from work.
7. One week til Christmas vacation!

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  1. Ooooohh, that pizza topping combo sounds heavenly! I'm actually making pizza for dinner tonight and I'm thinking someone needs to pick those up on the way home from work...hmmmm.


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