Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Hodge-Podge

I'm thankful:  for my steady job.  for the smell of matches.
for the boxes of ornaments and lights on my floor waiting to be put up.
for my family- even though we aren't going to be there physically for the holidays, we can be together in spirit!
that we are getting a little living christmas tree this year.

for sunshine in december, and bright natural light in our home.

that i got to have two thanksgivings this year! {alas, no turkey sandwich leftovers yet though!}

for my man. {in my favorite shirt and his sexy new glasses. yum!}{he wouldn't hold still and I was using my phone}

for yoga. for my tattoos that make me happy. for being home.

that my car is still drivable.  {a boulder rolled off the hillside as I was getting on the freeway. 
I chose to run it over rather than hit the cars surrounding me in all the other lanes. 
It was scary but no one else was involved and the damage could have been a whole lot worse!}

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