Saturday, January 8, 2011

Botanical Art With Mom's Leaves

Remember when my mom sent me some fall leaves? Well rather than pressing them in a book to find later,
I decided to make some fun art, so I can see them all the time and think of Mom and Idaho.
Following these easy instructions, I went to a thrift store and an old book store {both conveniently right down the street}
and found three old frames {$25 for the lot, with some rad old pictures in them I can reuse later} and an old gardening book {just over a dollar}.
I had the house to myself so I settled in for a night of crafting {with glitter glue and a spoon!} and wine.
It was good times, and now I have something happy to look at instead of an empty space above our bed!

Thanks, Mom!

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  1. You have the absolute cutest little craft ideas, and I love them! The frames like great, and it sounds like you had fun making them :)
    <3 Kiersten


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