Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gorgeous, Unusual Haircolor

I've been dying my hair since I was about 12~
I started with Sun-In and then quickly advanced to the heavier stuff. ;)
I've had my hair purple, turquoise, fire engine red, white with all manner of colors added in...
Most of my bright color experimentation was done when I was doing just that, experimenting.
Half the time it just came out punk rock,
the other half I got beautiful results like the girls in these photos.
I've been sticking to more natural shades of red for the past few years  
{you can see a few of my reds and blondes here},
and I'm itching for something a little brighter.
So I thought I'd share a few inspiration pictures,
since I have folder upon folder of them!  ;)
Rachael is right, cutting your own hair is so therapeutic!
I really took the time to give myself a nice even bang trim
and experiment with a new style yesterday, and I feel like a new person!

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  1. I have never really dyed my hair (altlough I had some really bad highlights for a while which made me look like a chipmunk), but I am thinking about a new hair color for a while now. Maybe a nice red. I'm not so sure yet, but I'm definitely ready for some change!


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