Monday, January 24, 2011

I Get So Excited (and I just can't..)

I was just thinking about this year, and holy moly is it gonna be a fun one!
I had to list the major happenings of each month. Want to see?
I went crazy with the exclamation points, I couldn't help myself!

Jan: Tourmaline Mining, Wine Vacay!!
Feb:  Brian Regan, and our 8th anniversary!
March: Idaho!!! Roller Skating, and Levi's Birthday!
April: Enjoying the Spring!
May: San Francisco with PLP for our first time!!
June: Enjoying the Spring some More!
July: Palm Springs for my first time for PLP's bachelorette!!
August: Idaho!! Hopefully River Rafting!
Sept: Teresa (plp) and Chris' Wedding!
Oct: Getaway to a New (undecided) Place!
Nov: Enjoying the Season with family!
December: Idaho for Christmas!

In between all of that will be acquiring more tattoos (both), a new camera (me),
a ton of flight lessons (him), and if I can get past my excuses, piano lessons
and new school. Oh and the wedding planning. Tons of that.
Bring it on, I say! What are you guys looking forward to this year?

Why yes, yes I do have both fall pumpkins and Christmas lights on my porch. In January.
(Aren't my pumpkins cute though?? They can stay.)

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