Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Favorite Things: The Twelve Months of 2010

I'm just getting into reflecting on the past year now, a couple days into our new one!
2010 was a year of getting caught up with tattoos.* {I got tattooed 9 out of the 12 months~ twice in January!}
2010 was also a year of much internal contemplation~ a characteristic I have a feeling 2011 will share.
There was the discovery of the loveliness that is wine and many a delicious meal as well~ including enjoying our favorite brunch spot!

A roundup of my favorite things about last year:

I finally {after years of searching} found my perfect tattoo artist and got my bread and butterfly
and rocking horse fly done, and some stars touched up.
Then we started my 'woodland creatures' upper right arm {it'll be a half sleeve eventually},
which evolved out of my desire for a tree
and some favorite characters from a childhood tale.
My boo and I celebrated our 7th anniversary as a couple.
My sweet nephew Levi was born.
And I started this little blog! Thanks for reading it, friends!
We did the March for Babies in Levi's honor.
~Wins the prize for the Best Month of 2010, at least on this list.~
We went wine tasting for the first time on my plp's** birthday
and I became a certified wino from then on.
We went to Idaho, where my sisters and I took pics for Mom
{and a few for Dad!}
We also prepared a fancy High Tea for Mothers Day~
which turned into a surprise engagement party!
Six sessions and something like 11 hours later,
Micah finished my beautiful woodland creatures tattoo.
I got new life breathed into the angel pinup on my calf.
She had been bugging me for 9 years!
We had our first romantic getaway ever, and it was amazing!
And I got to hang out with a few siblings
and my niece and nephew in California when they visited.
Idaho Visit, and Hillbilly Races. 'Nuff said!
I bought Shawn his Airplane Plans for his birthday.
{Yes, he's building a plane. One we can fly in. A safe, fast plane.}
He started his coverup tattoo.
{Covering his ex's initials (barf) on his upper left arm with a violent storm (how appropriate!)}
I started my side tattoo! {And I was right. It's huge.}
My cousin Tina got married on the beach,
and I got to see half of my family in California.
{some of them were in Cali for the first time since the move to Idaho almost four years ago!}
I had my first-ever get together in our home and it was such fun.
We also had our first Christmas day ever to ourselves.

*I'm still debating putting pictures of my tattoos online. Tattoos are a big part of my life, and I feel like they're missing from this blog. A lot of people I respect and admire share their tattoos with the world. But then I also know of people who have had their original ideas and/or designs ripped off. I'm still on the fence about sharing my own artwork. We shall see..
**plp =  platonic life partner


  1. Hooray for a fantastic 2010. Here's to a prosperous 2011.

  2. Great year! I hope everything next year goes so well.

  3. sounds like an amazing year! and never stop contemplating... it's one of those amazing things that makes us human :) and a great way to ensure that you're doing what you love with your life!
    also, i'd love to see your tattoos... as someone still working up the courage (slash deciding whether a tattoo is for me) i love seeing what other people have decided to make a permanent external expression of themselves.
    i hope 2011 is just as wonderful for you!
    xo meg

  4. aw, you guys are the best! thank you all. xo

  5. And Meg, that's an awesome way of describing tattoos! 'A permanent external expression of yourself.' Love!


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