Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Side Tattoo Progress

Well guys, I finally worked up the courage to put my artwork out there,
on the internet, for all to see!
Here's a peak at the side piece I've had two sessions on.
Micah would probably kill me for posting unfinished work,
but I find beauty in the artistic process as much as in the finished piece.
I love her so far. Her wistful yet wise expression, her graceful hand and posture,
the beautiful patterns he incorporated. I adore my elephant too!
He has a dog-like quality to me.
These were taken the day after my second sesh,
so of course it's healed and smooth and perfect now.
{I kind of like that the healing skin makes the elephant look rough like he's supposed to!}

(My tattoo, though tons of people like to say it's a 'Geisha Girl', 
is actually Fugen (he's a Bosatsu, or Buddha-to-be) 
as he appeared to the Monk Shoku- in the form of Yujo-no-Choja, a singing girl and courtesan-  
showing that wisdom can be anywhere. 
"The Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas may appear in this world in countless different forms; 
choosing, for the purpose of their divine compassion, even the most humble or contemptible shapes 
when such shapes can serve them to lead men into the true path, and to save them from the perils of illusion." 
Quote source here)


Thanks for stopping by! I always love it when someone nice makes their presence known. =)