Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday: The Path Ahead

Today I'm Thankful. Wanna hear why?

My bestest friend is getting married this September. At this gorgeous house on a gorgeous property. 
{These photos are but a smidgen of the beauty of the backyard} 
And I get to help plan and participate and attend!
And my brother is flying down!

I just got my teeth cleaned and am going to get caught up with my fillings and such.
{And thanks to insurance, it won't break the bank too bad!}

My car is driving. The new steering rack doesn't leak. 
And I'm getting it aligned and new tires tomorrow.

We're going tourmaline mining as part of our mini vacation. 
Wouldn't it be sweet if we found some stones for our wedding rings??

We're also going back to South Coast Resort for a couple days. 
We wavered back and forth, and decided we love it there so why not~ 
if it ain't broke don't fix it right? 
{Plus we can talk to the wedding coordinator and see the ceremony site.}

I'm going to get new shoes for work tonight or tomorrow. 
My feet are going to be so happy! Plus those things are just uuuu-glyyy. 
{eyes the dirty old thrashed pair on the floor}

I can finally count down to our next Idaho visit~ less than six weeks now!

My PLP and I are going on our second trip ever since we met the first day of Freshman P.E.! 
{Our first one was a road trip at age 17~ Vegas for Supercross,
San Louis Obispo to visit my cousin, and then down the scenic Highway 101 home} 
 We're going to San Francisco in April! Neither of us have been,
and it will be an awesome last hurrah before we both get hitched!

I've been doing great at the 'Don't Break the Chain' thing
Check me out! Seven days in a row. booyah
My body and spirit are likin this.

I've started playing my piano again. It's bringing me joy. Especially learning this song. 
And a friend might have a teacher to hook me up with!

I've decided to get into school for graphic design and web development/design. 
What I'll start with and when, I don't know. 
But I have my school picked out. It's only a matter of time.

I'm going to get myself a 'real' camera at some point before summer. 
One with those things you change out~ oh yeah! Lenses! 

I'm learning to focus on all the wonderful things I want to INCLUDE in my life, 
instead of all the nasties I'd like to EXCLUDE.

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