Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude Wave

Today I'm Thankful:

~ for looking in the fridge and finding delicious leftovers I had forgotten about

~ for the LoveBomb family {help us with this week's mission ~it's easy!}

~ that The Gratitude Wave is sweeping the blogosphere

~ that having my front door open right now is making my house smell fresh

~ that I can count down to our next Idaho visit. {Six weeks and six days!}

~ that Shawn decided to look at my Mustang again and it's a good thing he did, 
the motor mounts were about to break free after the impact from the boulder
Hopefully I'll be driving again tomorrow. He's spent the last four or five days 
working on my car, ordering parts and finding me rides to work. What a gem.

~ that we're going on a mini-vacation in two weeks. Now to decide where..

~ that I live somewhere where going to the beach in winter is perfectly acceptable 
behavior, and scarves and bundling are not always a necessity.  
{The above pic was taken on a gorgeous sunny day in February at Sunset Cliffs}

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  1. Totally agree with finding nummer leftovers in the fridge that I totally forgot about. It's like Christmas morning! And what part of Idaho are you visiting? I used to live in Rexburg. I miss it so much! Great list, btw. It made me happy for ya. :)


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