Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Productivity, Love and the Future


that I'm healthy and strong {gettin pretty good at this 'don't break the chain' thing!}
that I have a fantastic relationship with my boss
that my coworkers are my favorite thing about going to work
that I got so much done yesterday {dry cleaning, grocery shopping, piano music picked up, dishes done, house straightened.. I even went to the gym after work last night!}
that I'm getting laundry outta the way today {all of you with washers and dryers, be thankful for the 3.5 hours you don't have to spend at the laundromat every week!}
that I get to go to beautiful Idaho and see my precious family in 4 weeks and 5 days!
that our fabulous mining and wining vacation is creepin up on us. two days away!
that I am surrounded by amazing friends
that I am financially provided for {especially that I can provide for myself!}
that I haven't had a chance to wear the two new pairs of boots I just got yet because of the stunningly beautiful weather lately {it feels more like late spring than winter}
that my uncle and his close friend, who I've listened to play the guitar {and fiddle and mandolin} my entire life, are going to play my wedding ceremony,
and I get to walk down the aisle to a song that breaks my heart, in a good way
{and also my sister Rachelle {she's in the middle in the above pic} walked down the aisle to it!} {p.s. that's not my uncle in the video}
that today is a beautiful, awesome day!


{photo is one of our Mothers' Day Sister Pics}

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