Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lessons Learned

The past 24 hours have been about lessons for me.

I have learned:

1. It's always, always better to write to the offending person
in a word document or notepad or some such place.
Never a good idea to draft an email~
I may click send accidentally.
Or I may feel great in the heat of the moment
about sending it and then regret it.
If it's not in the draft already addressed
it makes taking a minute to let it go much easier.

2. It may take dozens of drafts piling up 
in that notepad document to sift through my feelings. 
No matter if I have said the same thing a million ways, 
if I'm not feeling good before I actually say or send something, 
it's not time to say it, or it simply needs to be released, not delivered.

3. It's not a good idea to take offense 
on someone else's behalf 
unless I have the details 
of their feelings on the matter. 
They may not be offended at all! 
Waste of energy.

4. Venting is best done to either an impartial party,
or the person/people who can give me the full story.
People with bits and pieces can just complicate things.
People involved closely can get emotional right back.
Just messy.

5. When I react strongly to something/someone, 
there's a good chance that I am in fact 
being what I'm accusing the offender of being.  
(i.e., accusing someone of not thinking of others 
while I am bringing those I love down 
with my ranting and raving.)

6. I knew this, but I got a reminder. 
The universe is about inclusion, not exclusion. 
When I am reacting to an event or a behavior 
I am not excluding that from my experience, 
I'm including more of it by railing against it so vehemently. 
Venting has its purpose: 
to allow me to let go of feelings and thoughts 
that don't represent me. 
If I hold on to my venting 
I'm making the situation much worse.

7. There are a few very wise souls in my life.
I will be wiser and happier
if I listen to them before I throw a fit.
Or at least listen to them, throw my fit in private,
and then listen again with open ears.

8. No matter how right I think I am 
about a situation, 
it's never a good idea to send out negativity. 
Does it really help the situation? 
99.99% of the time, no.

9. Just call Mom. Don't wait, just do it.

Yup. There you go. You guys learn anything about how you want to live lately?

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