Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scenes From Family Funday

{Above: I love that the Seagull is flying in formation with the helicopters!!!}

So yesterday I had a Saturday off (!). We were supposed to go see Brian Regan for our anniversary, but it was too expensive. SO Shawn had the brilliant idea of going down to Seaport Village to watch the Naval Show. 100 Years in Naval Aviation~ tons of aircraft we haven't seen except on the History Channel! Since we are both into flying (admittedly Shawn much more obsessed than I) it was such a fun way to spend a day. The whole family came out~ his Ma and Pa and sister. We got good spots on the wall overlooking the bay and roasted in the afternoon sun. (Sister, who gets waay darker than I, actually ended up burnt, while my blinding whiteness was unaffected! I guess reapplying the sunscreen actually worked for me this time! I was surprised) It was so fun and peaceful at the same time. Good thing I bought a fabulous big floppy straw hat, because I don't own sunglasses currently and it was BRIGHT out there! In fact, that was our only complaint~ our eyeballs were hurtin from squinting up into the sun at the planes! By the end we all felt like kids after a day at the beach~ warm, content, and exhausted in a good way.

{P.s. Good Lord Shawn's hair drives me nuts in the pic of him with his mom. Apparently I forgot to trim the back of his neck last haircut! Sorry, it doesn't usually look like that!}

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