Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple Dinner

We've been hooked on variations of this simple dinner lately. Can't wait to make it next night I'm home. Basically it's just steamed veggies, rice, chicken, and a simple butter/cream sauce {every cook should know how to make a cream sauce. Thanks Mom, for showing me when I was young!} The beauty of it is that you can change up the kinds of veggies and rice, and change the herbs on the chicken and in the sauce, and it always tastes new! We were {ok, I was} on a big eating out kick for a few months. But lately I find myself drawn to simpler, homemade foods. Which is good because not only do we have a wedding to finance we have a ton of trips planned over the next year, so the more we eat at home the better! {and better for us, I'm certain} This particular meal was amazing. Ginger carrots and broccoli, garlic chicken, and rosemary sauce. I promise it wasn't a trainwreck of flavors, they blended perfectly! And of course a nice beer tops everything off. {I miss drinking! It's been a couple weeks since my last glass of wine, and over a month since I went out last~ I was trying to be 'good' for vacation and then ended up being sick the whole time, go figure} I always forget how easy it can be to cook at home! I'm going to remind myself this year. {There's another intention for my 29th lap around the sun!}

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