Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Ramblings

I'm thankful today..

If I have to work, at least I love my job and everyone I work with.

Spring (and then summer) is only two months away.

I got to have a PLP date the other night. Involving a self-grilled burger, sauteed mushrooms, mac n cheese, and trying a new cocktail.
{Whiskey and red wine together? Who knew??} It also involved the first chick flick in a looooong time that actually cracked us up
and I would see it again! {Was not expecting this after the previews}

Wedding planning is in full swing, with much more participation from my nearest and dearest than before we made our big decision. It's fun!

I'm about to have a new engine in my car. After that, ball joints, transmission, shifter, rearview mirror, new hood, body shop.
I know that sounds like a lot but we've come a long way baby! Piece of cake.

After our vehicles are dialed in, we are thisclose to Shawn having a shop.
His shop means income that doesn't feel like work.
It means my days of 'working' are numbered too.
It means building his airplane will be so much faster and easier.

I have wonderful friends in my life. More friends than free time! So blessed.

Tomorrow is our eight year anniversary. Almost the entire decade of my twenties, dedicated to this man. And vice-versa.
And hopefully many more almost-decades to come!

Idaho in less than three weeks!

Photo by my friend Adam. Of his life mate Zion. I heart them both.

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